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Polaris MRZR

The MRZR is the militarised version of the popular Polaris RZR recreational vehicle. It is diesel powered, fitted with run flat tires and infra-red lights to aid driving using night vision goggles.

An aerial photo of three soldiers standing next to a Polaris MRZR vehicle. The three soldiers are discussing something and one soldier is pointing to a notepad
Polaris MRZR

Polaris MRZR

The MRZR is a lightweight four seat vehicle with side-by-side seating specifically designed for off road use.  The driver, and up to three passengers, are restrained in their seats by four point harnesses and contained within a Roll Over Protection Structure that meets approved standards.  The rear seats can be removed to increase cargo space or carry up to two patients secured on stretchers.  

MRZR are widely used by militaries around the world in a variety of roles including:

  • Movement of personnel and their equipment
  • Movement of light infantry support weapons
  • Movement of combat supplies
  • Casualty evacuation
  • Support of small groups of specialist personnel with heavy or bulky equipment