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Kei hea mātou

Camps & bases

An aerial view of Devonport Naval Base on a nice day with a few clouds

Devonport Naval Base

A Royal New Zealand Air Force C-130H(NZ) Hercules aircraft on the flight line at Base Auckland early in the morning as the sun is coming up. One of the Air Loadmasters is walking off the aircraft. In the background to the left you can see the aircraft han

Base Auckland

Battle Training Facility 2 2 Adjusted 1171

Papakura Military Camp

New Zealand Army recruits march in formation through the arch with Māori carvings and onto the parade ground in Waiouru on graduation day

Waiouru Military Camp

Royal New Zealand Air Force personnel standing in a formation on the flight line on a nice blue sky day. Five T-6C Texan II aircraft fly overhead and a King Air 350 aircraft sits in the background.

Base Ohakea

New Zealand Army soldiers fast roping from a tower in the background and in the foreground two soldiers provide ground cover below the tower. One solider on the tower watches as and accesses the soldiers..

Linton Military Camp

A sign with the New Zealand Army logo and Ngāti Tūmatauenga Trentham Camp written on it. The sun is shining and trees and the entrance to the camp and in the background.

Trentham Military Camp

Two Royal New Zealand Air Force personnel salute during a graduation. Many other Air Force personnel stand around them and an NH90 helicopter flies overhead. It's a blue sky day and the image is taken from the ground looking up.

Base Woodbourne

An aerial view of Dip Flat. This camp consists of one large building, 14 cabins and four other smaller buildings. The camp is located next to a river on the right and otherwise is surrounded by trees.

Dip Flat Military Training Camp

A green and yellow sign that says 'Burnham Camp' is fixed in the ground. In the background you see trees and blue sky

Burnham Military Camp

New Zealand Army sniper moves around a water area in the snow in the Tekapo Military Training Area

Tekapo Military Training Area