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New Zealand Light Armoured Vehicle (NZLAV)

The NZLAV provides New Zealand with a world class vehicle capable of providing protected mobility to soldiers on the battlefield. The NZLAV is highly mobile, and comes equipped with a lethal arsenal of weapons and systems making it an ideal vehicle for combat, security and peace support operations.

The New Zealand Light Armoured Vehicle (NZLAV) is a General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada (GDLS-C) Third Generation Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV-III).

The NZLAV is an eight-wheeled, highly mobile Light Armoured Vehicle that can be operated on and off road. The vehicle has a 19 - 21 metric tonne Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (depending on configuration) and is transportable by land, sea and air, including C-130H airlift (at reduced weight).

A mid-mounted turret carries the vehicle armament, consisting of an M242 25mm cannon, co-axial and roof-mounted MAG-58 7.62mm machine guns, and two banks of 76mm grenade dischargers.

Up-armoured NZLAV were deployed to Afghanistan, and have been credited with protecting personnel from IED attacks on several occasions.