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Modular Assault Rifle System – Light (MARS-L)

The MARS-L is the primary individual weapon for all three Services and is used by every soldier, sailor and airman within the NZDF.

It is available in two different primary configurations depending upon the individual Service requirement.

A New Zealand Army soldier in the New Zealand bush with MARS-L weapon. The area is all wet and very green. The soldier has his mouth open as he yells a command.

The MARS-L Rifle is a light weight, fully ambidextrous select fire rifle capable of engaging adversaries beyond 500m in any weather conditions.

Calibre 5.56x45mm NATO
Length 830-920mm
Weight 4 kg
Rate of Fire 700-900 rounds per minute (in automatic)

To meet mission requirements it can be fitted with a range of ancillaries such as: optical sights, suppressors, night vision equipment, torches, blank firing device, grenade launcher and a bayonet.

Air Force personnel in a row fire MARS-L Rifles on a weapons range A soldier navigates through dense bush while holding a MARS-L rifle A soldier patrols through dense bush and looks through the scope of the modular assault rifle