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40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG)

The GMG is used by our Army to provide direct fire support against area targets and soft skinned vehicles.

A shooter and spotter sitting together near a riverbed operate a 40mm Grenade Machine Gun

40mm Grenade Machine Gun

The GMG is a blow back, belt fed, grenade launcher. The GMG can be fed from either the left or right hand side and is capable of either semi-automatic or automatic fire and is employed at ranges up to and in excess of 1500m. The GMG can be mounted on either a tripod or vehicles.

Calibre 40x53mm HV
Length 200mm
Weight 29kg (Gun only)
Rate of Fire 350 rounds per minute

To meet mission requirements it can be fitted with a range of ancillaries such as: optical sights, night vision equipment, fire control system, and auxiliary aiming devices.