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L119, 105mm Light Gun

The 105mm Light Gun provides direct and indirect fire support to our Army’s combat troops, and can be employed in either offensive, or defensive operations.

A New Zealand Army L119, 105mm Light Gun

The L119 Light Gun is a light weight gun/howitzer capable of providing either direct fire support at armoured vehicles or buildings or indirect fire in support of the combat arms at ranges in excess of 10 km.

While primarily towed into position by a suitable vehicle, it can also be carried as a sling load underneath a helicopter for more rapid deployment, or emplacement into difficult to access areas where a vehicle may not be able to travel.

Calibre 105 mm M1 Howitzer
Length 6500 mm
Width 1800 mm
Weight 1900 kg

One of the more commonly seen uses of the L119 Light Gun are artillery salutes for state and ceremonial occasions.

Depending on mission requirements the Light Gun can fire the following types of bombs: high explosive, smoke, illumination, and blank.

Gunners from 16FD Regiment practice rigging some L119 105 Howitzers at Linton Military Camp during EX Steel Talon. Two Army personnel from 16 Field Regiment next to a light howitzer gun waiting to receive orders to fire L119 105mm Light gun is fired in a training area