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L16A2, 81mm Mortar

The 81mm Mortar provides indirect fire support that enables our combat troops to engage targets that are outside their line-of-sight.

Gunners fire a 81mm mortar in the Waiouru Military Training Area

The 81mm Mortar provides a more sustained and greater range indirect fire support to combat troops than the 60mm Mortar. It is capable of engaging targets at ranges in excess of 5000m. The L16A2 is lightweight, portable Mortar and made up of 3 main components, the baseplate, the bipod and the barrel.

Calibre 81 mm
Length 1300mm (barrel length) 
Weight  38kg (barrel, base plate and bipod)

Depending on mission requirements the mortar can fire the following types of bombs: high explosive, smoke, and illumination.