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M107A1 Anti-Materiel Rifle

The M107A1 anti-materiel rifle provides our soldiers with the ability to identify and effectively engage materiel targets such as vehicles with precision out to 1500m.

A member of the Fire Support Group aims with the anti-materiel rifle in the snow in the Tekapo Military Training Area.

The M107A1 is a semi-automatic rifle designed to fire a range of 0.50 ammunition to disable and/or destroy unarmoured and lightly armoured vehicles.

The high powered optics mounted on the M107A1 provide soldiers with enhanced targeting capabilities and situational awareness. This rifle is easily carried and operated by a single soldier.

Calibre .50 BMG
Length 1500mm
Weight 16kg

To meet mission requirements it can be used with a range of ancillaries such as: night vision equipment, suppressor, auxiliary aiming devices, ballistic computer, and a tripod.