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Season two of Unclassified Podcast launches

20200413 NZDF R1054358 002

Medals - wearing and caring

20240412 NZDF Y1036034 014

NZDF working with Pacific neighbours to support Solomon Islands election

Antarctica 2 v2

Antarctica season comes to a close while Hercules crew conducts medical evacuation

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Learning the weapons trade

Artillery 1

Defence Force recognises personnel going the extra yard at home and abroad

20240407 NZDF Y1036034 004

NZDF personnel commemorate sinking of HMNZS Moa in Solomon Islands

20240401 NZDF Y1036034 004

NZDF contingent arrives in Solomon Islands for election support

Jayden Bartram

Top skills brought back to Navy


The Antarctic experience

20240312 NZDF Y1036034 031

New Zealand Defence Force provides support for Solomon Islands election

Members of the Deployable Boarding Team board custom's vessel Hawk V in the Hauraki Gulf.

Navy provides boarding expertise for Britain's fishery patrols

Navy IWD image

Anchored in strength

A woman wearing Navy blue overalls, glasses and a headset at work in the electrical part of a ship.

Navy sailor finds her problem-solving niche with NZ Navy

20240219 083818

Kiwi charts the course of Australia's largest Navy ship

Training1 Credit ADF
Training1 Credit ADF


Support to Ukraine

IMGP8704 CRTS and LDF Woodbourne

NZDF completes 22 Push Up Challenge

LTCDR Ryan Hissong returns from deployment, with his son and daughter Finn and Isla.

Opening up when it's time to come home

Sailors, Aviators and Soldiers walk through the streets of Auckland with a NZDF Overwatch Banner. They are smiling, waving and sharing a thumbs up with the crowd.

NZDF shows pride at Rainbow Parade

20240217 NZDF G1054717 008

Navy, Air Force wow at Napier's Art Deco Festival

Veterans Affairs Forum 1

Wellington forum makes it easier for veterans to access support

20240205  NZDF C1033116 0871

Northland students sample Navy life

Waitangi 1 v2

Royal New Zealand Navy readying for Waitangi commemorations

20240125 NZDF C1033116 008

School to Seas Success

20231209 NZDF C1033116 033

Sword of distinction goes with pride of service

S2S 3

Schools to Seas and Skies sparks central North Island teacher in STEM subjects

Image 3

Kaikōura teacher takes Navy and Air Force lessons back to school

Image 1 v5

Northland teacher inspired by hands-on Navy and Air Force camp

Image 4 v3

Teachers’ Skies and Seas camp helps inspire female STEM students

Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Otto wears a RNZN uniform and smiles at the camera. Behind him are models and pictures of ships in a wooden cabinet.

Keeping the connection going

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We are Te Taua Moana - Warriors of the Sea, professionally trained and committed to doing what is right for our country and for those who ask for our help.

As an island nation with no immediate neighbours, maritime security is vital for New Zealand. Around 90% of our imports and exports are transported by sea so ensuring our trade routes are secure is critical for our economy. Our Exclusive Economic Zone is one of the largest in the world, and at 30,000,000 square kilometres our search and rescue area of responsibility is 7% of the earth’s surface. We protect our own natural ocean resources along with those of our Pacific Island neighbours and play our part in maintaining and preserving order in our region. We are one of the first responders to natural disasters and crises, spearheading the humanitarian response by carrying people, equipment, supplies and expertise to where they are needed most.

Our maritime force is made up of highly trained professionals.

We come from all walks of life and share a strong sense of what it means to be Kiwi - our culture is based on our values Tū Kaha (courage), Tū Tika (commitment), Tū Tira (comradeship) and Tū Maia (integrity). Together, we are Force for New Zealand and are proud to serve Aotearoa and its diverse communities.

Our fleet comprises nine modern and versatile ships and over 2,500 uniformed personnel who undertake a full range of maritime tasks from a combat capability to conducting humanitarian aid and disaster relief missions, fishery and border patrols through to support for government agencies.

Royal New Zealand Navy recruits march on during a graduation with the Navy logo and values on a wall behind them.

Considering a career in the navy?

A career in the Defence Force is unlike anything out there. You'll be working as part of a tight-knit team, protecting your family, friends, the environment and your country from harm and representing the New Zealand way of life where you go. It's an incredibly rewarding job that gives you a real sense of purpose.

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