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Rear Admiral David Proctor

Rear Admiral David Proctor

Chief of Navy

The Chief of Navy is our professional head of our Navy and Chairman of the Navy Leadership Board. He’s responsible to the Chief of Defence Force (CDF) for the effectiveness, efficiency and morale of our Navy.

Thirty-six years and counting

Rear Admiral (RADM) David Proctor joined the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) in January 1987. Starting out as a Midshipman, he made his way up the ranks to Chief of Navy in 2018.

He's held many senior positions within the New Zealand Defence Force, including:

  • Deputy Commander Joint Forces New Zealand
  • Acting Vice Chief of Defence Force
  • Chief of Logistics, United Nations Mission
  • New Zealand Senior National Officer in Support of East Timor
  • Deputy Assistant Chief of Capability
  • Director Capability Portfolio Planning
  • Chief of Defence Strategy and Governance

Proctor is also a member of the New Zealand Institute of Directors. He's a recipient of the Deputy Chief of Navy Commendation.

A military life steeped in education

Proctor is a big believer in education, and brings a depth of experience and understanding to his roles. He has a

Masters in Management (Defence Studies), and a Masters in Politics and Policy. He is also a graduate and fellow of the Centre for Defence Strategic Studies (Canberra).