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We are well-equipped with a range of modern weapon systems to help us operate in diverse environments.

New Zealand Army soldiers lie in the grass around a lake area with the M107A1 Anti-Materiel Rifle. The backdrop shows the mountainous ranges around Tekapo Military Training Area. The grass is dry and its a sunny day with some cloud.

M107A1 Anti-Materiel Rifle

A soldier stands with their back facing the camera and the MRAD Sniper Rifle on their back. The background of the image has the sun setting and is very dark with some yellow/orange sky

MRAD Sniper Rifle

A New Zealand Army soldier in the New Zealand bush with MARS-L weapon. The area is all wet and very green. The soldier has his mouth open as he yells a command.

Modular Assault Rifle System – Light (MARS-L)

A New Zealand Army soldier fires a Glock G17 Gen 4 with another soldier standing behind them.

Glock G17 Gen 4

New Zealand Army soldiers using the Designated Marksman Weapon (DMW). The soldiers are silhouetted with the mountain range in the background lit up

Designated Marksman Weapon (DMW)

A soldier fires a Benelli M3 (NZ) Tactical Shotgun. The photo is shot from a low angle looking up to the soldier from the side. The soldier is wearing hearing protection and you can see the bullet coming out. There is a hill in the background.

Benelli M3 (NZ) Tactical Shotgun

Two New Zealand Army soldiers lie in the tussock grass with the MAG 58 - 7.62mm Machine Gun. One soldier looks through the scope and the other looks toward the target. The sky is pink and yellow sunset skies.

MAG 58 - 7.62mm Machine Gun

A New Zealand Army L119, 105mm Light Gun

L119, 105mm Light Gun

New Zealand Army soldiers fire a 81mm mortar round at dusk. One soldier stands back with looking at a piece of paper in lefthand side of the image. Two soldiers are near the mortar, heads down. Flames are shown coming out of the mortar which create the co

L16A2, 81mm Mortar

20210525 NZDF K1055157 012

Javelin Medium Range Anti-Armour Weapon (MRAAW)

New Zealand Army soldiers fire a Carl Gustaf M3 there are flames out the back and motion shown out the front of the weapon. the soldiers are training in the tussock grass

Carl Gustaf M3

New Zealand Army soldiers use the 40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG)

40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG)