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Instruction & Management

Ready to share skills

Being ready to share skills with the next generation of military people, or utilising skills and knowledge to manage the organisation strategically, is part of career progression in the New Zealand Army.

As our people progress in their career, the experience gained in both their trade and their leadership will naturally lend itself to roles as an instructor and in management.

The New Zealand Defence College (NZDC) and Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) provide the framework for the learning strategy and policy across the NZDF and Army respectively. This ensures that our instructors and learning managers are aligned with the Defence Force and Army education systems. Our people hold roles instructing in a wide variety of fields, such as at the recruit training in Waiouru, the communications training in Linton and logistics trade training in Trentham. 

The Army is constantly upgrading to keep up with technology, and adapting to international developments. Personnel, as they grow in their careers and achieve seniority, can become managers of teams and projects, using their skills, knowledge and insights to help the NZDF and Army deliver not only defence capability, but grow as a modern government organisation and employer. Personnel, both in the civilian workforce as well as military, advance their careers in management in the NZDF and Army, just like any other government department.

Two soldiers smiling at each other while sitting down in the Waiouru Military Training Area

Considering a career in the Army?

In the Army you'll never rest on past successes. We'll push you to constantly better yourself. But you won't have to do it alone. You'll be part of a tight-knit team – people that you'll come to trust, no matter what. Whatever your role, you'll be given the best possible training, equipment and encouragement. Everything you need, in fact, to create a successful and valued career.

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