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Rear Admiral James Gilmour

Rear Admiral James Gilmour

Commander Joint Forces New Zealand

Commander Joint Forces is responsible to the Chief of Defence Force for operational-level planning, command and control of all joint and/or combined (international) operations and exercises involving the NZDF.

A career spanning sea and sky

Rear Admiral (RADM) James Gilmour is the New Zealand Defence Force Commander Headquarters Joint Forces. He joined the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) as an Ordinary Communications trainee.

His 36-year career includes:

  • Deputy Maritime Component Commander
  • Director of New Zealand Defence Force capability delivery
  • Maritime Component Commander
  • Commander Combined Task Force 151
  • Chief of Defence Strategy Management
  • Navigating Officer of Her Majesty’s New Zealand Ship Waikato (FFH55)
  • Flight Commander of HMNZ Ships Waikato and Wellington (FFH69)
  • Director of Naval Capability Requirements
  • Director Naval Aviation
  • Commander Amphibious Task Force.

"Nothing is impossible if you apply yourself"

Gilmour was a big part of Project Protector which introduced seven new ships in the RNZN.

He completed his tertiary studies at the Australian Defence Force Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies. He then became Director of Programme Delivery overseeing new Defence Force capabilities.

Gilmour served in several HADR operations during his career. This includes:

  • the Samoan Tsunami Relief
  • the response operation to the Canterbury (Christchurch) earthquake in 2011.