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Safety Person of the Year Announced

Congratulations to Adam Hoffman, who has been named Safety Person of the Year, and is the Safety nominee for NZDF Person of the Year. Adam is also the winner of the Safety Excellence Award for 2022.

21 November, 2022

Adam is the Range Manager of the Waiouru Military Training Area, responsible for managing the 63,000ha training area, including the airspace. Adam consistently goes above and beyond his job description and shows a significant and ongoing commitment to improving safety across the vast area he covers.

Adam maintains full situational awareness to prevent any safety events from occurring. He regularly speaks up about issues and situations which may negatively impact the range. Adam is a strong leader with great communication skills, and is comfortable speaking openly to all levels of command. This includes occasionally challenging staff who require assistance in ensuring training is conducted safely and managing conflicting requests. He will have difficult conversations when necessary to ensure everyone gets home safely.

Adam often makes himself available after regular work hours, for tasks not reflected in his job description. He recently assisted the NZ Police with rescuing an injured tramper when a helicopter rescue wasn’t a viable option, and walking to the tramper would have taken too long. Adam utilised NZDF vehicles to take Taupo search and rescue personnel to the camp boundary. The rescue was fast and efficient, and embodied the NZDF Values of Tū Tira | comradeship and Tū Maia | integrity. 

Adam is proactive about safety. He looks out for NZDF personnel by making smart and important decisions before people are put at risk. His knowledge of general safe practice, NZDF safety policy, and NZ health and safety legislation is of a very high standard. Adam ensures all of Waiouru Range Control’s policies, procedures and communication methods are up to date. Adam was instrumental in designing new visitor induction briefs. He played a significant part in the roll out of new mobile devices for all range users going forward. Additionally, in part thanks to Adam, all range users now have access to a GPS tracking system. This allows users to have two way contact with range control, and have their location recorded if they need help in an emergency.

Adam is highly respected in Waiouru, by the wider NZDF, and external organisations like the NZ Police. He exemplifies the NZDF Values every day, and is a valuable asset to the NZDF.