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Innovation of the Year Award

FLTLT Andrew Day is from 42 Squadron at RNZAF Base Ohakea and has demonstrated innovative spirit through the development and implementation of NZDF’s Flight Advisor.

22 November, 2022

For the last 24 months FLTLT Day has invested his own time and effort, and has collaborated with the Civil Aviation Authority and Airways Corporation to deliver Flight Advisor, an innovative unclassified web-based flight hazard awareness system for low level flight.

On any given day, RNZAF aircraft fly throughout NZ and train below 500ft. Over the past 20 years, the NZDF has experienced an increasing trend of near-miss events and was seeking proactive ways to mitigate these. Flight Advisor was developed in order to identify as many hazards as possible, improve safety margins, and enable a greater awareness of where other traffic is intending to operate. Increasing situational awareness outside controlled airspace for NZDF and civilian operators is beneficial to all. Flight Advisor, through FLTLT Day’s innovation, effectively contributes to increased safety in the aviation industry as a whole.

FLTLT Day, in collaboration with contractor Aeropath, drove engagement with external agencies and established trials and contracts. He applied business concepts to the ongoing sustainment of the tool, and as a result kept costs as low as reasonably practicable – which in turn has made it free to users.

FLTLT Day has displayed exceptional innovation and drive in his efforts to develop, promote, trial and introduce the Flight Advisor system. He has enhanced the NZDF’s reputation in the wider NZ and Australian aviation communities as a leader in innovation and the aviation community.

The NZDF Innovation of the Year Award was created to celebrate those among us who go above and beyond their job requirements to deliver important change to the NZDF. FLTLT Day’s Flight Advisor innovation does this exceptionally while also reflecting the Defence Force core values.