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Update on NZDF support to Tonga: 23 January 2022

The provision of clean water to the people of Tonga has continued to be a priority for the crew of  HMNZS Aotearoa, following the eruption and tsunami which struck Tonga more than a week ago.

23 January, 2022

Aotearoa has offloaded more than 260,000 litres of water since its arrival in the Kingdom. The water has been delivered into tankers and water tanks and been widely distributed. The water is being delivered in a strictly contactless manner.

Navy teams from HMNZS Wellington have carried out survey tasks in the vicinity of Nafanua Harbour, ‘Eua Island. Wellington has now returned to Nuku’alofa where they have refuelled ready for further tasks.

HMNZS Canterbury remains en route to Tonga with essential aid supplies, Royal New Zealand Air Force helicopters and New Zealand Army engineers on board. Canterbury is expected to arrive in Tonga early next week.

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