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Specialist trade skills celebrated at trade competition

The Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment (RNZALR) hosted their annual trade competition at Linton Military Camp this month, with five trades vying for coveted trophies and bragging rights.

26 April, 2024

Up for grabs was the Operational Catering Trophy, the Rickshaw Trophy (Logistics Specialists), the Farriers Trophy (Maintenance Support), Movement Operator of the Year and Driver of the Year. The competition was held over three days and featured a diverse range of stands around camp designed to test aspects of that trade’s core skills.

Major Timothy Cocks, Executive Officer 2nd Combat Service Support Battalion RNZALR said competitions like these simulate stressful combat situations, setting up competitors with physical and mental challenges needed to complete complex tasks within a timeframe.

“It enables each soldier and each team to assess their skills and discover what they’re good at and where they could improve.

Major Cocks said as well as recognising achievement and excellence the competition also fosters teamwork and unit identity.

“This year with international competitors from 325 Brigade Support Battalion (325BSB) we get to pit our trade skills against our US Army partners.

“This in turn helps to build their confidence in us as a trusted partner. It also demonstrates to our international partners the skills we have and provides them confidence in our ability to integrate with them if required.”

The trophies were

The Operational Catering Trophy

NZ Army Chefs fulfil one of the most vital roles in keeping our soldiers sustained, healthy and happy. Trained in both culinary arts and front-of-house service, chefs are responsible for the consistent delivery of tasty, nutritious meals, in peacetime and combat environments.

Catering teams from 2 and 3 Combat Service Support Battalions, 1(NZ) Bde, and the US Army (325BSB) were put to the test in a field environment cooking their own creations from a list of around 100 available ingredients. Ovens and preparation areas were set up in canvas tents in a field simulating a kitchen and mess in combat conditions. Their mission was to present a VIP afternoon tea and lunch for 40 people. They were critiqued by judges on all aspects of food presentation and taste, as well as health and safety and basic all arms training.

Winners: 3 Combat Service Support Battalion, 2nd place: 2 Combat Service Support Battalion. 3rd place: Team Hawaii, 325 BSB

20240410 NZDF P1061532 099
20240410 NZDF P1061532 095
20240410 NZDF P1061532 105

Rickshaw Trophy

Army Logistics Specialists play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of military operations. They ensure our soldiers have enough equipment and supplies to successfully complete any task in both peacetime and on operations. From ammunition and fuel to spare parts and clothing, logistic Specialists ensure the Army has everything it needs to get the job done.

This competition tested a range of skills from field supply tasks, CP duties (Comms, SAP, and Research Supply Information), field storage, water safety, and forklift operation.

Winners: The Pet Ops - 21 Supply Company, 2nd place: Supply on the spectrum- 3 CSC, 3rd place: Up the Taniwhas - 21 Supply Company

20240410 NZDF P1061532 058 20240410 NZDF P1061532 067 20240410 NZDF P1061532 081

Farriers Trophy

The 2024 Farriers Trophy assessed the ability of nominated RNZALR Maintenance Support personnel and invited international participants to carry out expedient repairs in austere conditions under operational pressures. As well as basic all-arms competencies, each team is tested on their Automotive, Electro-Optical, Electrical, General Engineering, Armourer, and Recovery skills.

Winners: 1st Line CSS Units, 2nd place: 3 Combat Service Support Battalion, 3rd place: 325 BSB, US Army

20240409 NZDF P1061532 043
20240409 NZDF P1061532 051
20240409 NZDF P1061532 067

Driver of the Year

Combat Drivers are responsible for operating and maintaining military vehicles in both New Zealand and overseas operations. These drivers undergo rigorous training on the majority of the NZDF B Vehicle fleet of vehicles. They are responsible the safe transportation of personal, stores and equipment to the right place at the right time, in all environments both day and night from Antarctica to the Deserts in the Sinai.

Competitors were tested operating a variety of vehicles and equipment including MHOV HX60, crane and winch; GS/C2 Pinzgauer, including 0.75 tonne GS cargo trailer; Manual and automatic gear boxes, and MAG58 and MARS-L weapon systems.

Winner: LCPL Mooar, 3 Combat Service Support Battalion, 2nd place: PTE Burkhardt, 2 Combat Service Support Battalion, 3rd place: PTE Katipa-Maikuku, 2 Combat Service Support Battalion

20240410 NZDF P1061532 027 20240410 NZDF P1061532 036 20240410 NZDF P1061532 044

Driver of the Year

Movement Operator of the Year

Movement Operators gets troops, equipment, and vital supplies from A to B efficiently. The various stands tested conventional and non-conventional warfare operations, terminal operations; aerial delivery operations; movement control as well as basic all arms skills.

Winner: LCPL Basterfield, 2nd place: LCPL Stewart, 3rd place: PTE Coulbeck

20240409 NZDF P1061532 003 20240410 NZDF P1061532 001 20240409 NZDF P1061532 012

Movement Operator of the Year