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RNZAF career extends Tauranga woman’s family legacy

Tauranga’s Breanna Brooker is looking forward to continuing her family’s legacy as she embarks on a career in the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF).

27 April, 2022

She has just graduated the 14-week recruit training at RNZAF Base Woodbourne and will soon start training as an Intelligence Specialist. 

Aircraftman Brooker, 22, is fourth-generation military. Her great-grandfather was in the New Zealand Army and her grandfather and father in the RNZAF. 

She joined the military as a way to see the world and experience a unique working environment.

“I also saw joining the Air Force as a place that encourages the development of lifelong friendships, and I am very proud that I am able to continue our family’s tradition of military service.”

While at high school she discovered that her passion lay in social sciences and stumbled across intelligence when researching jobs. 

“Intelligence really seemed to suit my advisor-like personality, my desire to research and know about things just for the sake of it.

“It also suited my desire to work towards something other than making another person money,” she said.

Aircraftman Brooker studied at Massey University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Security Studies and minoring in Defence Studies and Psychology before joining the RNZAF.

She hopes that her job as an Intelligence Specialist will help her travel around the world and take part in a variety of operations, both domestically and internationally.

“If at some point I help a commander make a decision that leads to better outcomes for people in an operation situation, then that is all I want,” she said.  

There were many highlights on the recruit course, but one that stood out was the longest day activity, she said.

“It pushed me both mentally and physically, but it also showed me just how much more capable I was than I thought. It showed me the value of teamwork in the great team I had around me who supported me and I supported in turn.”

She is now looking forward to her new life in the RNZAF.

“Having a job I love and being able to spend time with my family and friends, while pursuing my hobbies, will be a balance, but one I would not trade at all.”

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