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Peter Rule Award Announced

Wing Commander (WGCDR) Carolyn Pezaro is the current Director of Psychology and has been awarded the 2022 Peter Rule Inclusion Award.

29 November, 2022

WGCDR Pezaro displays an inclusive leadership style and commitment to demonstrating best practice in diversity and inclusion by providing support, championing equitable processes, and empowering her staff to bring their whole selves to work. Her commitment to growing junior staff in her directorate who will then walk the walk on diversity and inclusion matters stands both the Psychology Directorate and the NZDF in good stead. 

In support for NZDF Diversity and Inclusion efforts, WGCDR Pezaro has presented on a number of Diversity and Inclusion panels as well as giving presentations on topics such as bias awareness. She promotes diversity and inclusion-related organisational development projects and strives to do the best for NZDF, and to understand and promote the value of diversity and inclusion to individuals, teams, and the organisation for overall operational effectiveness.

WGCDR Pezaro advocates for all members of the NZDF, including civil staff, and encourages all to pursue gender equality and inclusive practices more broadly. WGCDR Pezaro lives the NZDF values, in particular, Tu Tika –Commitment – she is committed to the ideals of fairness, impartiality and equality, and to being an inclusive leader, as well as Tu Tira –Comradeship – demonstrating this by treating others with empathy and creating a psychologically safe environment where individuals are willing to share their diverse perspectives and ideas.

Congratulations, WGCDR Pezaro. Thank you for contributing to NZDF’s success and making it a better, more inclusive place to work.