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Operation Monitor: deployed to the Republic of Korea

Meet Flight Lieutenant Emily Hall, she's currently deployed on Operation Monitor as the Assistant Corridor Control Officer for the United Nations Military Armistice Commission in the Republic of Korea.

05 October, 2021

"My role is to monitor all passengers and freight transiting between North and South Korea along the Transport Corridor, which runs across the DMZ, on the West Coast of the Korean Peninsula. The importance of this role is working as part of a coalition to support the upholding of the Armistice Agreement and cessation of hostilities on the Korean Peninsula. I work with people from a wide range of military backgrounds and countries including the US, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia and the Republic of Korea.

Currently, due to Covid-19, the Transport Corridor has been closed and so there are currently no border crossings. Although we still monitor the access of people in and out of the corridor, the closure has meant I have the opportunity to work with other areas of UNCMAC. I have had the opportunity to carry out Inspections at Frontline Infantry Divisions, ensuring Korean Army units which are situated on the DMZ are following the rules outlined in the Armistice Agreement.

A highlight of my job has been taking orientations of the Joint Security Area and Observation Post Dora for Distinguished Visitors, teaching both military and civilian high-ranking groups about the Armistice Agreement and the history of the Joint Security Area. I have also worked duty shifts sitting as the most forward person to the border between North and South Korea. This includes sending messages and conducting a twice daily phone check with the KPA, maintaining one of the only operational communication lines between North and South Korea for the UNC Commander.

In August, I was involved in the bi-annual Combined Command Post Training at Camp Humphreys. My role included working in the UNC Operations Centre providing advice on the Armistice Agreement and working at the UNCMAC headquarters to assist with Special investigations and Armistice Agreement violations.

I feel very lucky to be experiencing a new country and culture, particularly during a pandemic. I have met many incredible people and have experienced generous hospitality which I will never forget."

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