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From forensics lab to Military Police

Hawke’s Bay’s Jess Kite was looking for opportunity and purpose when she joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF).

23 August, 2022

 And now, the 25-year-old has found that as she shortly begins her Military Police trade training after she graduated the 14-week recruit training at RNZAF Base Woodbourne.

 Aircraftman Kite, gained a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Forensic Analytical Science and a minor in Genetics from Otago University but was not sure where that was going to take her.

 “While studying I realised I didn’t want to be just confined to working in a lab environment and doing paperwork all day every day,” she said.

 “I started looking at other career options that could still incorporate aspects of my degree subject area.

 “What the Air Force could offer in terms of the Military Police role was really appealing and the opportunity to grow within the New Zealand Defence Force seems endless,” Aircraftman Kite said.

 The Military Police’s job is to protect the Defence Force’s people and resources from crime and keep sailors, soldiers and aviators safe in New Zealand and overseas.

 Aircraftman Kite said she is looking forward to continuing to learn and develop her skills in her upcoming trade training at Trentham Military Camp.

 “I am looking forward to taking advantage of opportunities as they arise, gain experience that goes with it and hopefully get a chance to do a bit of travelling, whether it’s on exercise, operations or training with services.” 

The Military Police role was really appealing and the opportunity to grow within the New Zealand Defence Force seems endless

Aircraftman Jessica Kite

Aircraftman Jessica Kite is about to start her RNZAF career in Military Police after completing recruit training

 She said one of the highlights of the recruit course was honing new skills at Marlborough’s Dip Flat training area, and that while there were challenges, there were always ways to manage them.

 “It put all our theory from classroom into practice. It was an amazing learning experience, and was a great feeling to use some of the skills and knowledge we had learnt and to understand why we needed to learn them.

 “This course is all about challenging you and pushing you outside of your comfort zone so you can grow as a person.”

 Aircraftman Kite said that anyone wanting to join the Air Force should be open-minded and prepared to face challenges both physically and mentally.

 “You will be pushed out of your comfort zone but not to your breaking point.

 “If you take on all the challenges, give it one hundred percent, support your fellow recruits and have a positive mind-set, you’ll have a great time on recruit course.”

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