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Our structure

The Royal New Zealand Air Force is comprised of the Air Component Command and Air Staff. We also have a number of personnel in Defence Logistics Command (Air) who provide logistics support for our Air Force. Our civilian staff support our Air Force at all levels, often bringing specialist expertise and performing a wide range of functions to enhance overall defence capabilities.

Air Component Command

The Air Component Command is responsible for the command, training and generation of all flying training and all Air Force organisations, assigned to enable New Zealand's following capabilities:

  • Air Surveillance and Response Capability
  • Naval Air Combat Capability
  • Strategic Air Mobility Capability
  • Theatre Air Mobility Capability
  • Tactical Air Mobility Capability

The Air Component Command is responsible for RNZAF Base Auckland and RNZAF Base Ohakea.

RNZAF Base Auckland

RNZAF Base Auckland is both an organisation, with a commander and headquarters, and a physical base. As an organisation, RNZAF Base Auckland includes the following units:

  • No. 5 Squadron (P-3K2 Orion aircraft)
  • No. 6 Squadron (SH-2G(I) Super Seasprite helicopters) 
  • No. 40 Squadron (C-130H(NZ) Hercules and Boeing 757-200 aircraft)
  • No. 230 Squadron (Mission Support - intelligence and computer and information systems)
  • Operations Squadron
  • Parachute Training Support Unit
RNZAF Base Ohakea

Similar to RNZAF Base Auckland, RNZAF Base Ohakea is also an organisation and a physical base. As an organisation, RNZAF Base Ohakea includes the following units:

  • No. 3 Squadron (NHIndustries NH90 and AgustaWestland A109 helicopters)
  • No. 14 Squadron (Raytheon T-6C Texan II aircraft)
  • No. 42 Squadron (Beechcraft King Air 350 aircraft)
  • Central Flying School
  • Operations Squadron

Air Staff

Air Staff is our Air Force's headquarters. Air Staff provides advice and staff support to the Chief of Air Force which enables them to command the RNZAF, and fulfil prescribed responsibilities to the Chief of Defence Force for the implementation of approved policy and plans. Air Staff comprises:

  • Office of Strategy Management
  • Training and Support (Air)
  • Directorate of Air Force Safety and Health
  • Directorate of Career Management
  • Directorate of Engineering and Technical Airworthiness
  • Air Force Museum of New Zealand

The Assistant Chief of Air Force Training and Support commands RNZAF Base Woodbourne.

RNZAF Base Woodbourne

Similar to the other RNZAF bases described above, RNZAF Base Woodbourne is an organisation and a physical base. As an organisation, RNZAF Base Woodbourne includes the following units:

  • Command and Recruit Training Squadron
  • Technical Training Squadron
  • Mission Support Training Squadron

Defence Logistics Command (Air)

Defence Logistics Command (Air) personnel are spread across the three Air Force bases. They provide a range of services needed to sustain our aircraft fleet on deployment and for the duration of their operational lives. Defence Logistics Command (Air) is organised into the following areas:

  • Quality Management Office
  • Material Support Wings
  • Maintenance Wings
  • Business Support Units