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Brigadier Rose King

Brigadier Rose King

Deputy Chief of Army

The Deputy Chief of Army is an important role that involves making plans and resources at a strategic level. They focus on developing and delivering strategies, as well as managing future capabilities.

A remarkable military journey

Brigadier Rose King began her military career in 1991. She joined the Corps of Royal New Zealand Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, and has held diverse roles since then.

In June 2021, Brigadier King achieved the rank of Brigadier, a testament to her exemplary leadership and expertise. Following this promotion, she became the Deputy Chief of Army in December 2021, assuming a critical role in the military hierarchy.

As the Deputy Chief of Army, she is responsible for strategic planning, developing innovative strategies, and managing future capabilities. Reporting directly to the Chief of Army, she plays a pivotal role in shaping our direction and ensuring readiness for future challenges.

Awards of Distinction

Recognized for her exceptional capabilities, Brigadier King served as the Special Projects Officer for the Army General Staff. In this role, she undertook vital initiatives to enhance operational effectiveness and drive innovation within the military.

Her remarkable service and unwavering commitment have garnered prestigious awards, including the NATO Meritorious Service Medal, the US Meritorious Service Medal, and the US Army Commendation Medal. These accolades reflect her exceptional contributions and dedication to duty.

Academic accomplishments

Brigadier King's dedication to continuous learning is evident through her impressive academic achievements. She holds a Bachelor of Defence Studies, a Masters of Management Defence Studies, and a Masters of Arts Strategic Studies. These qualifications have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of defense strategies, management principles, and strategic thinking, enabling her to make informed and effective decisions in her leadership role.