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NZDF personnel extended in roles in support of Ukraine

New Zealand Defence Force personnel deployed to the United Kingdom and Europe to support Ukraine in its self-defence against Russia have had their deployments extended, while another six intelligence analysts will also be deployed to the United Kingdom.

28 June, 2022

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has deployed personnel in intelligence, liaison, logistics, artillery training, and air transport as part of New Zealand’s support to Ukraine’s self-defence.

Announcements made by the Government on 27 June, include for a further six NZDF intelligence analysts to be deployed to the UK until 30 November.

The roles of six NZDF intelligence analysts in the UK, the use of the New Zealand-based open-source intelligence capability to support partner intelligence requirements, and two liaison officers to Belgium and UK are also being extended until 30 November.

An additional NZDF liaison officer will be deployed to Germany for two months.

The positions of four NZDF logistics specialists deployed to Germany have been extended until 31 August.

New Zealand Army personnel who were deployed to the UK to train Ukrainian service personnel on the L119 Light Gun have conducted the training and are due to return to New Zealand in July.

The deployment of a Royal New Zealand Air Force C-130H transport aircraft and personnel concluded this month, with the aircraft arriving back in New Zealand on Sunday 26 June. During its deployment, crew on the Hercules carried out 62 flights transporting 256,000 kg of military aid. 

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View from the Hercules aircraft flight deck as the crew transport military aid between staging centres in Europe