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Reservist of the Year announced

This year the Reservist of the Year Award is presented to Lance Corporal Jason Hart.

08 November, 2022

The 2022 New Zealand Defence Force Reservist of the Year Award is awarded to a member of the Reserve Forces regardless of Service, trade, branch or rank, who best exemplifies the Defence Force values of Tū Kaha - Courage, Tū Tika - Commitment, Tū Tira - Comradeship, and Tū Māia - Integrity, in their service as a Reservist.

Lance Corporal Hart is an outstanding performer within the NZDF Reserve Force and this has been recognised by his unit, 2/4 Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment.

He has shown a high level of commitment to his Reserve Force duties through his frequent attendance at unit parades and activities, in spite of his busy schedule as a 3rd year medical student. Lance Corporal Hart volunteers his time to support his unit, planning and co-ordinating physical training sessions, and he is trusted to manage the armoury, while also volunteering to support local cadet units.

During the past two years, Lance Corporal Hart’s Unit has undergone a period of significant and intense change. He He has played a significant role in building a positive and inclusive culture within his Unit during this period.

In addition to his Reserve commitments, Lance Corporal Hart has identified a need within his community to support student learning. He has developed a local enterprise, Tutor4U to support student learning through pairing tutors with students in need to support.

Lance Corporal Hart is a reliable and committed member of 2/4 RNZIR. He is highly regarded for his efforts, conduct and performance by his unit Command.

Lance Corporal Hart displays the very best qualities of a Reservist and he is thoroughly deserving of the Reservist of the Year Award.