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New Naval Command at HMNZS Pegasus

With a military career spanning almost 40 years Royal New Zealand Navy's Lieutenant Commander (LTCDR) Grant Boore is relishing the opportunity as he takes over command of HMNZS Pegasus in Christchurch.

31 July, 2022

LTCDR Boore said he is looking forward to the challenge of leading the Naval Reserves in Christchurch, which he took over in late July from LTCDR Zoe Brangwin.

“I feel very honoured to be appointed to the role, and whilst it will be challenging, I am certain it will put the icing on the cake of a dedicated and enjoyable military career.

“My personal leadership style is focused on the wellbeing of my team. I am a firm believer that as a leader, if you surround yourself with good people and look after them accordingly you will be rewarded with dedication and success,” said LTCDR Boore.

LTCDR Boore joined the Royal New Zealand Navy in January 1979 at the age of 15 as an apprentice radio fitter, he rose through the ranks receiving his officer’s commission in 1993.

LTCDR Boore served aboard Her Majesty New Zealand Ships Otago, Taupo, Wellington, Waikato and Te Mana, as well as on shore at Tamaki, Philomel and Iriragi before leaving the Navy in 2005 to work for the Australian Department of Defence.

After returning to New Zealand in 2011 following the Christchurch Earthquakes he joined back up with the Naval Reserves in 2012, accepting a short term regular force engagement in Burnham in 2015 with the Youth Development Unit (South), before taking up his current civilian role in 2018 with the Department of Corrections.

LTCDR Boore said he hopes to continue the great results that have been achieved with the recent round of recruiting and training of the first batch of Naval Reserves.

“I also want to ensure that the specialist Maritime Trade Operations team at Pegasus remain as engaged as they have been over many recent exercises and training activities.

“The reserves have a lot more to offer than one might release, and should be considered as a center of excellence for many niche services and wider skills that are at the ready to provide support to a wide range of operations in the wider New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF),” he said.

The Navy Reserves that operate out of HMNZS Pegasus are one of two reserve units in the South Island and support activities from all over Canterbury to the West Coast, and up to Nelson and Marlborough.

“We are proud to support a number of regular force activities throughout the region including the regular provision of shift working staff to the Service Correctional Establishment at Burnham, the recent Managed Isolation and Quarantine facilities across New Zealand, and we can even offer specialist skills beyond those normally found in the NZDF.

“We also enjoy close relationships with local Government agencies including Civil Defence and local councils, and are always keen to support our stakeholders with personnel as required,” LTCDR Boore said.

In his day job LTCDR Boore is the Assistant Prison Director for the Department of Corrections and said that the skills he learnt during his service have been valuable for his current role.

“Corrections has a strong and enthusiastic veteran’s network and is very supportive to any member who has served in the armed forces, of any country.

“In turn, I try to offer back some skills that I have picked up during my NZDF service, particularly in regards to networking and the extensive leadership training I have received in my Navy career.”

He said he would like to acknowledge his managers and the Department of Corrections for their ongoing support of his continued service in the Naval Reserves.

“They understand that my service is of benefit to both the broader community, as well as Corrections and enjoy the benefits that many of the skills and experience I gain from the Reserves are of mutual benefits to both organisations.”

We have over 500 Naval Reservists who provide a valued, flexible workforce of skilled professionals. They serve to support the Navy’s operational capability in its maritime defence and security roles, as well as in times of natural and other disaster events both within New Zealand and overseas. Modern Reservists are a blended mix of personnel who have signed up for paid part-time service as an adjunct to their civilian careers or home life.