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Operation Stand

Operation Stand is our approach to tackling harmful substance use in the New Zealand Defence Force. Under the banner ‘Stand’, the substance harm minimisation framework aims to create a safe and rewarding place to work and to support those who need it.

Substance misuse is a major risk to health and safety across our organisation that can cause harm and damage trust, morale and our reputation. We are taking a comprehensive approach to education, prevention, support and treatment alongside better rehabilitation and reintegration services becoming available.  We will however continue to deter, detect and enforce our high standards. 

Operation Stand is a long-term culture change programme that involves everyone in the NZDF and draws on our values-based culture to ensure better modelling of behaviour. All sailors, soldiers, airmen, and civilians should understand the NZDF’s position and expectations relating to substance misuse. There will be consequences for those personnel who choose to partake in illegal activity or who breach our values and cause harm.

We acknowledge that there is a tension between being supportive and compassionate and holding each other accountable when expectations are not met. Stand is about ensuring we show each other support and compassion, without changing the high standards that are expected of all of our people.

The Stand substance harm minimisation framework:

  • Places a greater emphasis on promoting health, preventing impairment, and providing support for those who need it.

  • Improves responses, streamlining help and support services, and removing barriers to access.

  • Improves monitoring and evaluation, with better data and analysis to target responses.