New Zealand Army medic Private Rachel Palmer.

Gaining experience, confidence and a skillset has been the focus for newly qualified New Zealand Army medic Private Rachel Palmer.

Private Palmer, from New Plymouth, has just completed two-and-a-half years of training at the Defence Health School based at Burnham Military Camp.

“I was attracted to the attributes of a medic, and I think they align with me as a person. I enjoy helping others and problem solving, I also believe that the medical skills I have acquired are extremely valuable in everyday life,” Private Palmer said.

She said she was looking forward to meeting more new and exciting people on her journey in Defence.

“I am excited to work as a qualified medic. I expect to continue to grow as an individual and take every opportunity I can to learn and also give back my knowledge to others.”

“Also, the challenges that I have faced have put pressure on me and meant I have been able to look within, reflect and grow,” she said.

Private Palmer will now be posted to Waiouru Military Camp where she is looking forward to her new role.

“I will mainly be working with the basic training recruits, so hopefully this will provide me with a variety of injuries and illnesses that I can treat and learn from,” she said.

She said anyone wanting to join the New Zealand Defence Force should accept the challenge.

“It may be daunting going into it initially, but ultimately if you choose to join the Defence Force you will grow as a person.”

New Zealand Defence Force medics train in a tri-service environment at Defence Health School based at Burnham Military Camp. The training takes two-and-a-half years and is a mixture of theory and practice. They also experience on-the-job training at Heal Centres across Defence Force camps, ships and bases around New Zealand.

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