Life-saving first aid skills are among those being shared by a Defence training team which is in Fiji, working alongside Fijian counterparts.

A combined team from the New Zealand Defence Force and Ministry of Defence have been sharing their knowledge and skills, enjoying the opportunity to train, coach, mentor and embed alongside military and defence counterparts in Fiji.

Among the team are New Zealand Army personnel who have been teaching advanced first aid skills including medical care under fire, drag lifts and carries, medical tactical field care and work-place CPR.

Also in the group is a hydrographer from the Royal New Zealand Navy who has been taking a six week course on hydrographic survey work.

Our personnel have also been instructing coaches on the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Shooting Coaches Course.

The 15-strong combined training team carried out 14 days managed isolation on their arrival in Fiji. The team will be in Fiji until the end of the month.

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