SIG Garth Clement who received the Sergeant Major of the Army award from WO1 Wiremu Moffitt.

Signaller (SIG) Garth Clement was inspired by the ethos and values of the New Zealand Army to be a role model for his family and also serve his country.

The New Plymouth born 32-year-old has lived in Christchurch for 12 years and has just completed his basic training at Waiouru Military Camp.

“I signed up to join the NZ Army because I wanted to become a role model for my family.

“I wanted to become the person that others look up to and show that if I can do it, even at an older age, then anyone who truly wants to can also.”

His leadership, commitment and reflection of the ethos and values of the New Zealand Army did not go unnoticed during his basic training by his instructors. At his graduation SIG Clements was awarded the Sergeant Major of the Army Award and also Top Recruit of his platoon.

The new Information Systems Operator with the Royal New Zealand Signals Corps said strong support from family and friends allowed him to feel secure in the knowledge that his family was supported during the COVID-19 pandemic while he could focus on training and graduating.

SIG Clement said the fundamental differences a career in the NZ Army offered made the sacrifice of being away from his family worthwhile.

“I wanted a career and not just a job. I wanted to give back to my country and show the world that Kiwis are a unique people.”

He said basic training gave him new skills, such as being able to adapt to changing circumstances and scenarios, and building resilience and leadership.

“I have found that I have grown mostly in my leadership, of first myself, and secondly of others and in finding ways to bring ideas together for a common purpose.”

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