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Sub Lieutenant Emily Aull stands in an engine room with arms crossed, wearing blue ear protectors and white overalls with a black and gold name badge.

Palmerston North Navy trainee roams two oceans with UK Navy

Investiture Ceremony 13 April 2016 117 1024x9041

Celebrating our veterans: Korean War

20230506 NZDF R1055669 141

History-making moment for NZDF Contingent marching in coronation of His Majesty King Charles III

20230430 NZDF R1055669 012

Personnel march in London at King Charles’ Coronation

Able Hydrographic Systems Operator Kenneth Woodall.

Navy skills provide springboard to professional degree

DSC 0081

Navy Officer experiences life on an icebreaker

Former New Zealand Army Special Air Service soldier and Victoria Cross recipient, Willie Apiata, with auction items at his fundraiser for Ngāti Porou in Auckland

Apiata memorabilia auction raises more than $200,000 for cyclone-hit Ngāti Porou

Able Marine Technician (Electrical) Gemma Townshend hold some tools in her arms and is wearing  blue overalls. She stands in front of monitors in a control room.

Finding that niche trade

20230215 NZDF C1033116 013

Operation Endurance: Where Navy meets science on the edge of Aotearoa

A soldier standing during Anzac Day commemoration.

NZDF marks Anzac Day at home and around the world

20230423 NZDF R1055669 118

Our personnel reflect on their Gallipoli Journey

20230423 NZDF R1055669 056

Moving ceremony commemorates Maori Pah site at Gallipoli

Our cyclists

NZDF prepares team for Invictus Games

A RHIB travels towards the camera as it turns left with participants from School to Seas smiling on board. Those on the RHIB are wearing overalls, life jackets and helmets with visors. The water is very clear and cliffs are visible in the background.

Students reflect on Navy's School to Seas camp

A sailor holds the handle of a ceremonial sword which has a gold handle, other sailors are blurred in the background.

New milestone for Navy reserves

20230411 NZDF C1033116 023

Female students embrace 'School to Seas' experience at Navy Base

Personnel from a variety of militaries sit for a large group photo in a covered outdoor area. All personnel are wearing the uniform of their military and most of these are a camouflage green.

Wargames in South Korea


Perspectives on the value proposition of the New Zealand Naval Combat Force

Anzac Day 1985 1

NZDF research reveals thousands of Second World War campaign medals were never claimed by veterans

A Pinzgauer vehicle drives off a landing craft on to Lomolomo during Operation Mahi Tah

NZDF trials beach landing equipment in Fiji

IPV image

Sale of former Royal New Zealand Navy vessels provides $26 million boost to local economy

Op Mahi Tahi Photo 2

NZDF members embrace Fijian culture during military exercise

Leighton Tanner profile

Naval anniversary sparks career at sea

20230327 NZDF C1033116 024 v2

Thirty-year labour of love gifted to Navy

HMNZS Te Mana (background) joins HMNZS Te Kaha (foreground) at the end of the latter’s deployment.

Operation Enduring Freedom

HMNZS Canterbury sailing into port in Lautoka, Fiji.

HMNZS Canterbury arrives in Lautoka for Operation Mahi Tahi

20230308 NZDF R1055669 031

Ruby Tui wows at Navy Base

A wharf and buildings framed by trees stick out into Wellington harbour. Clouds and blue sky reflect on the calm water.

Formerly known as HMNZS Cook

A grey Seasprite helicopter flies in front of forest covered hills, the rotors are blurred slightly and the landing gear is down.

Taking in the damage

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We are Te Taua Moana - Warriors of the Sea, professionally trained and committed to doing what is right for our country and for those who ask for our help.

As an island nation with no immediate neighbours, maritime security is vital for New Zealand. Around 90% of our imports and exports are transported by sea so ensuring our trade routes are secure is critical for our economy. Our Exclusive Economic Zone is one of the largest in the world, and at 30,000,000 square kilometres our search and rescue area of responsibility is 7% of the earth’s surface. We protect our own natural ocean resources along with those of our Pacific Island neighbours and play our part in maintaining and preserving order in our region. We are one of the first responders to natural disasters and crises, spearheading the humanitarian response by carrying people, equipment, supplies and expertise to where they are needed most.

Our maritime force is made up of highly trained professionals.

We come from all walks of life and share a strong sense of what it means to be Kiwi - our culture is based on our values Tū Kaha (courage), Tū Tika (commitment), Tū Tira (comradeship) and Tū Maia (integrity). Together, we are Force for New Zealand and are proud to serve Aotearoa and its diverse communities.

Our fleet comprises nine modern and versatile ships and over 2,500 uniformed personnel who undertake a full range of maritime tasks from a combat capability to conducting humanitarian aid and disaster relief missions, fishery and border patrols through to support for government agencies.

Royal New Zealand Navy recruits march on during a graduation with the Navy logo and values on a wall behind them.

Considering a career in the navy?

A career in the Defence Force is unlike anything out there. You'll be working as part of a tight-knit team, protecting your family, friends, the environment and your country from harm and representing the New Zealand way of life where you go. It's an incredibly rewarding job that gives you a real sense of purpose.

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