Soldier Modernisation

Our enduring effort to ensure New Zealand Defence Force personnel are able to fight and survive in increasingly complex and ambiguous combat settings.

Soldier Modernisation is an enduring effort to ensure that New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) service personnel, operating in the Land Domain, are resourced with the capabilities to prosecute land combat operations in a complex, integrated and austere environment to achieve NZDF missions and tasks with coalition and expeditionary forces.

Soldier Modernisation is far more than kit and equipment. It is also a mindset and a culture of high performance that, at its core, continuously improves soldiers’ ability to fight and survive in increasingly complex and ambiguous combat settings.

The NZDF Soldier System is defined as:

  • Survivability. The Soldier System’s interaction with soldier protection systems ranging from ballistic protection through to the ability to block, disrupt or deceive the threats target acquisition systems in the visual, optical, IR and radar spectrum in any geographical or environmental setting.
  • Sustainability. The Soldier System’s ability to operate on the battlefield without maintenance support or resupply of food, water and munitions.
  • Mobility. The Soldier System’s ability to march and fight in direct relationship to the soldier’s load.
  • Lethality. The Soldier System’s interaction with, and operation of, a number of weapon systems.
  • C4I. Definition of the Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence/Information. The Soldier System’s interaction with information displays, weapons interface, vehicle information systems, hands-free operations, and enhancement of all situational awareness and all tactical command and control sub-systems. The means to apply lethal and less-lethal effects with weapons.

New NZ Multi Terrain Pattern (NZMTP) uniform 

We’re in the process of replacing our Multi-terrain Camouflage Uniform (MCU) to the New Zealand Multi Terrain Pattern (NZMTP). The update addresses materials that can no longer be sourced and take advantage of changes in material colours including commercial Multi-Cam™ patterns. The update will also include design and material fabric enhancements to improve comfort and fit.

The colour and pattern of the NZMTP is similar visually across a broad range of commercial Multi-Cam™ products enabling us to take advantage of a range of Commercial off the Shelf military clothing and personal support items. This provides opportunity to evolve the clothing and personnel support items at a quicker pace than the current MCU clothing system enables. 

The aim of the uniform change is to allow our diverse workforce the ability to operate in varying terrain, environmental and operational conditions.