We are well equipped with a range of modern weapon systems to help us operate in diverse environments.

Barrett M107A1 Anti-Materiel Rifle
The M107A1 anti-materiel rifle enables soldiers  to identify and effectively engage materiel targets with precision out to 1500m.

The M107A1 is a semi-automatic platform designed to fire a range of 0.50 calibre projectiles - abile to penetrate, disable and destroy unarmoured and light armoured vehicles.

The M107A1 can be fired from standing, sitting, kneeling and prone, and is fed by a 10 round magazine. This precision rapid fire power reduces the risk of potential collateral damage.

Barrett MRAD (Multi Role, Adaptive Design) Sniper Rifle
The MRAD is .338 Lapua Magnum is  asniper rifles with accuracy out to 1500m targets

It uses an innovative bolt mechanism that runs in a polymer sleeve which reduces the need for lubrication and is less prone to fouling. Operators have the ability to change calibres in less than 3 minutes from .338” to 7.62mm with a single tool.

The integration of a Kestrel ballistic computer to provide accurate firing solution greatly enhances the system over the current in service weapon, and provides an overmatch capability to meet battlefield scenarios NZDF snipers are likely to be involved in.

Lewis Machine and Tools’ Modular Assault Rifle System – Light (MARS-L)
The MARS-L replaces the Steyr as the individual weapon for the Defence Force’s soldiers, sailors and airmen and it uses the same 5.56mm calibre ammunition.

The MARS-L weighs 3.3kg and includes day and night optical sights, a detachable grenade launcher and other features such as laser sights and sound suppressors.

The MARS-L is currently being introduced in to service across the three services.

Glock G17 Gen 4
The Glock G17 Gen 4 is the Defence Force’s personal protection weapon and it replaced the Sig Sauer sidearm.

Pistols are usually carried as a secondary, primarily defensive weapon their offensive use of the pistol is specific: to use in confined spaces, where a rifle being of larger dimensions hampers the agility of the individual.

Designated Marksman Weapon (DMW) 7.62mm Rifle
The 7.62mm DMW provides enhanced target detection, recognition, identification and acquisition at section and patrol level. With a trained operator, the DMW will provide the capacity for lethal, precise and discriminate fire, neutralising enemy combatants and suppressing them at long ranges.

The DMW is a magazine fed, gas operated, air cooled weapon with a rotating bolt locking action. It is capable of semi–automatic and automatic fire. The primary sight is a 3-18x Leupold Mark 6 telescopic sight. For close quarter battle a set of Dueck Defense rapid transition sights are issued.

Benelli M3 (NZ) Tactical Shotgun
The Benelli M3 (NZ) 12 gauge shotgun is capable of being operated in either pump-action or semi-automatic mode. It provides deployed forces with short range lethal and less-lethal effects, as well as a method of entry (ballistic breaching) tool. In the less-lethal role it can employ aerial distraction rounds as well as a variety of impact munitions, including bean-bag and rubber ball rounds.

MAG 58 - 7.62mm Machine Gun
The MAG 58 machine gun is used as:

  • A Light Machine Gun 
  • The Co-axial and Flexible Mounted Machine Gun for the NZLAV
  • A Flexible mounted machine gun on the LOV
  • A Sustained Fire Machine Gun.

It is a gas-operated, air cooled, automatic, belt-fed weapon firing 7.62 x 51 mm NATO ammunition. The MAG 58 is capable of firing 750 – 1000 rounds per minute.

M2HB Quick Change Barrel Heavy Machine Gun
The M2HB is a .50 calibre Heavy Machine Gun, capable of both semi-automatic and automatic fire, and is used mounted in a vehicle or in a ground-mounted role and can fire a variety of ammunition types. The M2HB is a recoil operated, air-cooled, belt fed, medium machine gun.

L119, 105mm Light Gun
The 105mm Light Gun provides close, indirect fire support to the Army’s combat troops, and can be employed in either offensive, or defensive operations. It can fire a variety of ammunition types, including high explosive, illumination and smoke as required. The 105mm Light Gun can be transported under-slung from a helicopter as one load, or alternatively can be towed using the A-frame which is an integral part of its structure.

L16A2, 81mm Mortar
The 81mm Mortar was introduced into service in 1980. It provides a high rate of fire at a high trajectory, and is similarly employed to provide indirect fire support to combat troops. The 81mm Mortar is lightweight, man-portable and capable of firing a wide range of ammunition types.

Javelin Medium Range Anti Armour Weapon (MRAAW)
The Javelin MRAAW provides an anti-armour ‘fire and forget’ missile system for infantry. Able to be directed at fortified targets it can be fired in two modes; top attack or direct trajectory. It can be operated in both the man-portable and vehicle mounted roles. This weapon has been proven as a highly effective infantry weapon and is used extensively by both the US and UK forces.

Carl Gustaf M3
The Carl Gustaf M3 is a man-portable short-range anti-armour weapon. It is a breech loaded weapon that can be fired from a standing position, and is capable of firing a variety of ammunition types, primarily with the aim of destroying enemy tanks, other armoured vehicles and fortified positions.

Direct Fire Support Weapon (Area) DFSW(A) H&K 40mm Grenade Machine Gun (GMG)
The GMG, is a recoil operated, air cooled, belt fed automatic grenade launcher. The weapon can be fed from either the left or right hand side and is capable of either semi-automatic or automatic fire. The weapon system can be ground  or vehicle mounted.

The GMG, 40mm H&K can be used in either the direct fire role or the indirect fire role when fitted with the Vingmate Fire Control System (FCS). The GMG can be mounted on a tripod, but is also suitable for mounting on boats, helicopters and vehicles. In addition to the FCS, the GMG is fitted with a variety of sights.

M6C-640T Light Mortar
The Mortar 60mm M6C-640T, is an indirect, high angle, muzzle loaded weapon designed for firing high explosive, smoke/incendiary, and illuminating bombs. The high trajectory permits the engagement of targets unable of being engaged by direct fire weapons.

When travelling over short distances the Mortar can be slung over the shoulder, for longer distances the Commando Mortar can be carried, with ammunition, in a carry pack. It can be fired from high ground or behind cover.

Allowing the effective engagement of adversaries who are behind cover or cannot be effectively engaged with direct fire weapons, in situations where other forms of indirect fire support may be unavailable.