Military Capability

The on-going programme of shaping and building NZDF capabilities will focus on maintaining:

  • deployable ground forces - suitably equipped and in sufficient numbers - including supporting elements such as engineers and medics;
  • strategic protection and logistic capacity to get the NZDF where it is needed and to sustain it once there;
  • networked-enabled intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities to understand and interpret the operational environment; and
  • capabilities able to fulfil a credible combat role in support of New Zealand's sovereignty, our obligations to Australia, and in other operations as determined by the Government.

To maximise the effectiveness of NZDF interventions, these mutually-reinforcing capabilities will be embedded in command and control structures which support:

  • joint activity between the three Services;
  • independent action by New Zealand in certain circumstances;
  • interoperability with security partners; and
  • responsiveness to all-of-government requirements.

The primary guide for developing capability under the policy framework provided by the Defence White Paper is the Defence Capability Plan.

Defence White Paper 2016 View the Defence White Paper 2016 [pdf | 3.12mb | 88 pages]
Defence Capability Plan 2016 Defence Capability Plan 2016 [pdf | 5.29mb | 86 pages]
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