Managing security when you contract with NZDF

If your contract with NZDF will involve accessing secure facilities, assets or classified information, you may need to be accredited under the Defence Industry Security Programme (DISP).

If accreditation is required, there are government and NZDF standards you will need to meet so that our information and assets are protected to the same level we require of NZDF staff.

Once your contract is finalised, we will notify you of the exact accreditation you will need and the security requirements you must fulfil.

It will depend on the type of work you will be doing for NZDF, where and for how long. 

As well as DISP accreditation, any individual accessing NZDF information and assets classified as CONFIDENTIAL or above will need to have a National Security Clearance

This page was last reviewed on 11 June 2018.