Paperless Accounts Payable

The Defence Force’s electronic invoice scanning solution

The Defence Force is changing the way we do business, moving towards a greater use of technology and streamlining business processes with the aid of key stakeholders. The Defence Force has transitioned from a manual, paper-based input process to an electronic invoice scanning management system for accounts payable.

The benefits of these changes to Suppliers
  • Single point of contact
  • Overall an improved timeliness of invoice payment
  • Options to reduce impact to the environment
  • Payment by direct credit

Paperless Accounts Payable

The Paperless Accounts Payable system (NZDF PAP) aims to improve the efficiency of the accounts payable process in Defence by streamlining business processes and working with Defence Force Suppliers.

NZDF PAP involves data imaging and optical character recognition technology that allows incoming invoices to be scanned, matched, validated and processed electronically. All of Defence’s invoices are paid through the Defence Shared Services (DSS) Purchasing to Payments Team.

NZ Defence Force invoice requirements

  • All invoices must have a NZDF Purchase Order number shown on them
  • All invoices should be emailed to the email address provided
    or posted to:

 NZ Defence Force Accounts Payable
 Private Bag 904
 Upper Hutt 5140

If you are emailing your invoice to us, we require the invoice to be in PDF Format according to the specifications.

Contact Us

For all your invoice enquiries contact the Defence Accounts Payable helpdesk:
0800 100 191

This page was last reviewed on 10 October 2013.