About Defence Commercial Services

The role of Defence Commercial Services (DCS) is to provide professional commercial expertise to the NZDF to support its 'end-to-end' procurement needs.  It is responsible for ensuring NZDF achieves enduring commercial value-for-money outcomes in relation to all its third party expenditure (including operational and capital expenditure) while supporting the effective generation of NZDF’s outputs.

The Director of Commercial Services has a broad span of control, from embedded personnel helping to build commercial requirements within Defence delivery organisations, through centralised market facing procurement staff to strategic category managers working with business owners to develop long term commercial strategies.

Defence Commercial Services is comprised of four groups that provide 'end to end' procurement support to the wider NZDF organisation. The four groups are:

  1. Commercial Support: Delivers sourcing, contract development and management.
  2. Business Processing: Is responsible for central delivery of high volume transaction processing and support services, primarily with an accounting and finance focus.
  3. Strategic Procurement: Is responsible for Category Management across the NZDF and for managing the relationships of pan-NZDF non military contracts.
  4. Capital Acquisitions:  Manages acquisition projects for the procurement of equipment and services to support the CP (Minors) Programme

Defence Commercial Services uses SmartProcure for all NZDF procurement activity and uses the Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS) to publish Tender notifications.

SmartProcure is NZDF's secure website which provides Suppliers and NZDF personnel with a  simple, secure and efficient means of conducting  procurement activities.

NZDF uses SmartProcure to:

Our Suppliers use SmartProcure to:

This page was last reviewed on 26 July 2016.