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Massey University papers are taken by course members of both the Advanced Command and Staff Course (Joint), ACSC(J) and the Intermediate Command and Staff Course (Joint), ICSC(J).

In 1997, the NZDF Command and Staff College entered a formal agreement with Massey University for academic accreditation of the Joint Command and Staff Course, as it was known then. Consistent with wider trends in Professional Military Education (PME), accreditation ensures a high standard of academic rigour and provides successful ACSC(J) members with a recognised postgraduate qualification in addition to the military award of 'passed joint staff course', (psc(j)).

Advanced Command and Staff Course (Joint)

As part of their studies, course members complete four Massey University postgraduate level papers while in residence, and commence a fifth paper prior to departure from the College. The 'fully residential' papers are currently: International Security (149.720), Applied Security Planning Exercise (149.821), Leadership, Management and Command (149.704), Research Methods in Defence and Security Studies (149.720).

The fifth paper will be chosen from a pool of Security related papers. This fifth paper will commence in the last month of the course and will be completed extramurally as part of the 'Summer School' semester. 

Successful course members will receive their Master of International Security degree on completion of the fifth paper. 

Course members who successfully complete the ACSC(J) will be awarded the post-nominal passed staff course (joint), (psc(j)).

Further information on Massey University's programme in Defence and Strategic Studies can be found at the University's web site: or specific enquiries may be directed to:

The Director, Centre for Defence and Security Studies
Massey University Palmerston North
Private Bag 11-222
Palmerston North 4442

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