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No. 60 Advanced Command and Staff Course (Joint), ACSC(J) 60, commenced at the NZDF Command and Staff College located in Trentham Military Camp, Upper Hutt, on Monday, 25 March 2019. Course members are accommodated in the Command and Staff College Rabaul Barracks.

Information specific to International and non-NZDF New Zealand course members can be found on the International or New Zealand course member pages.



At the commencement of the course, course members are to assemble at the College entrance where a formal welcome (Mihi) will be conducted followed by a welcome brief by the Commandant and a keynote address.  Day one of the course comprises introductory briefings and activities.

Welcome Family BBQ

A Welcome Family BBQ is held in the course's first week and course members are encouraged to bring their partners and children.

New Zealand Study Tour. 

The New Zealand Study Tour for the ACSC(J) travels to various bases throughout the North Island and the tour is designed to provide insight into all three branches of the NZDF, as well as to encourage a Joint outlook for personnel.

Graduation Dinner

JSC 69 Graduation Dinner [CSC-11-0581-55]<

Upon completion of the Advanced Command and Staff Course (Joint), a formal Graduation Ceremony is held during the day, with a buffet lunch provided. In the evening a Graduation Dinner is held,  to which partners are invited to attend.


Due to the diversity of arenas you will be working in, you will require a variety of uniforms and civilian attire. Specific dress requirements are detailed in the joining instructions.

CSC Grounds Command and Staff College Grounds [CSC-11-0581-16]
SC 50 BBQ SC50 Welcome BBQ [CSC-11-0581-56]


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