History Sheet page 2

The second page of the History Sheet is printed on the back.

Further personal details about Moir are supplied on the top of the form.

Beneath is the record of his promotions and postings. Additional sheets of this section of the form were glued to the back as required.

Entries are recorded in the order that they arrived by cable at Base Records in Wellington. As was very often the case, not all of these were received in the correct date order. In the transcription that follows below they have been re-arranged into their proper sequence.

This part of the History Sheet is divided into the following sections:

Personal Details

Personal Details

1481 MOIR Thomas, 4th Fd [4th Field Regiment NZ Artillery] and then 26th Battery

Date of Birth: 4 January 1916
Place: Gisborne
Religion: C of E [Church of England]
Single, married, or widower: Single, later ‘Wife’
Occupation: Service Station Attendant
Place of Enlistment: Hamilton
Last Employer: Whitford Erson Motors
Last New Zealand Address: 449 Victoria Street Hamilton
Particulars previous military service: 5 Years Territorial Force

Description of Soldier on Enlistment:

Age: 23 years 252 days
Height: 6 foot

Medals and Decorations:

Record of Promotions, Reductions, Transfers, etc. (in date order)

Record of Promotions, Reductions, Transfers, etc [in date order]

Particulars of Report Place Date
Marched/Out to Artillery Training Unit and attached 2 NZEF Base Egypt 1 Oct 1940
Marched/In and attached 2 NZEF Base Administration Section with effect from Egypt 1 Oct 1940
Transferred supplementary list. Seconded to General Reinforcements Depot For All Purposes Egypt 1 Oct 1940
Admitted 4 NZ General Hospital Egypt 4 Oct 1940
Marched/Out Base Administration and attached to Reinforcement Training Depot Egypt 22 Oct 1940
Marched/In Artillery Training Regiment Egypt 7 Dec 1940
To be Temporary Staff Sergeant Egypt 27 Jan 1941
Marched/In from Artillery Training Regiment to 4 Field Regiment NZ Artillery Egypt 28 Feb 1941
Reverts to rank of Lance Sergeant Egypt 28 Feb 1941
Posted Missing   2 Jun 1941
Previously reported missing now reported safe in 2 NZEF Base Camp with effect from 21 April 1942 Egypt 21 Apr 1942
Taken on Strength of Artillery Training Depot with effect from 21 April 1942 Egypt 21 Apr 1942
Promoted Sergeant with effect from   24 Apr 1942
Promoted Temporary Staff Sergeant (32 NZ Field Regiment NZA) Middle East 28 Nov 1942
DCM (awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal)    
Awarded DCM 4 NZ Regiment (Field), NZA Middle East 30 Oct 1942
Posted Prisoner of War Middle East 10 July 1943
Struck off Strength X(iii) List [of Prisoners of War] 2 NZEF Middle East on being transferred to X(iii) List 2 NZEF United Kingdom Middle East 13 May 1944
Taken on Strength of confirmed Prisoner of War list 2 NZEF (United Kingdom) on being transferred from X(iii) List (Middle East Force) Middle East 13 May 1944
Qualified for award of Africa Star United Kingdom  
Placed on New Zealand Roll London  
Safe in United Kingdom. Marched/In to Puttick Wing [of 2 NZEF Prisoner of War Reception Group, Cliftonville, United Kingdom]. Struck off Strength X (iii) List and transferred to NZ Roll (ex Prisoner of War) United Kingdom 26 May 1945

Particulars of Will:

Particulars of Will

Executor Mrs. I. Moir
Address: 449 Victoria Street, Whitiora, Hamilton

History Sheet page 2

History Sheet page 2

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