Military Medal Citation

Moir, Thomas

Army  No: 1481. Sergeant
4 Field Regiment, NZ Artillery,

Published London Gazette, 20 June 1946


“Staff Sergeant Moir escaped from Crete and then volunteered to return to the island and help personnel remaining there. He was landed in Crete on the 17th March, 1943*, for the purpose of collecting and assisting Imperial personnel known to be hiding on the island. For nearly two months he walked the mountains locating escapees and preparing a plan for their evacuation. During this time Staff Sergeant Moir showed great tenacity and underwent considerable physical hardships and privation. At the beginning of June, 1943*, a party of 50 Imperial personnel were ready for evacuation. Unfortunately, on the 4th June, Staff Sergeant Moir was captured by a German patrol. Attempts were made to effect his escape but they were unsuccessful and he was eventually taken to Germany. The fact that Staff Sergeant Moir was captured only three days before the evacuation was to take place and that all of his plans were ready made, enabled the operation to be carried out despite his capture. It was entirely due to the efforts of Staff Sergeant Moir that the 50 Imperial personnel were collected and dispatched to the Middle East. In addition, a further 17 Greeks were also evacuated with the party”.

*On the citation certificate the date is mistakenly typed as 1941.

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