WWII Army History Sheet

Reproduced on the following pages is a typical Second World War History Sheet for a soldier of the New Zealand Army.


The History Sheet, known as Army Form NZ.307, was held at Base Records in New Zealand.  When the Base Records clerks received reports and cables from overseas units and bases, they updated the individual forms. As new information was received, out-of-date or incorrect information was crossed out. Additional sheets were also attached to the form if required. As information was not always received in the correct date order it is not at all unusual to find that the entries are out of sequence on History Sheets.

In this section you can examine various parts of a History Sheet in detail and read a complete transcription of its contents.

Page 1 of history sheet

History Sheet - page 1 [1,384 kb]

History Sheet Page 1 flap lifted

History Sheet - page 1 flap lifted [1,370 kb]

History Sheet page 2

History Sheet - page 2 [1,321 kb]

History Sheet Page 3

History Sheet - page 3 [817 kb]

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