eGovt Compliance

It is both the intent and the commitment of New Zealand Defence Force to comply with the SSC Web Guidelines.  NZDF believes that the web standards for public sites are necessary and ensure that all web users requiring access to NZDF sites and online services have a consistent experience regardless of bandwidth and browser.

Statement of Position

New Zealand Defence Force conducts periodic self-audits under the guidance of the Department of Internal Affairs. These audits check compliance against the Web Guidelines Ver 2.1 documentation.

At this time the NZDF web sites comply with most relevant requirements and NZDF continues to work towards improved compliance.

Should requirements not yet complied with:

  • Major Navigation labels in both English and Maori
  • Key web pages in both English and Maori.

Must requirements not yet complied with:

Web document markup

  • Requirement 6.3.3 – the primary format for content is HTML, the NZDF site currently has a large number of documents which are in pdf format.  Over the coming year these will be replaced with HTML documents, the pdf file will be retained should the site visitor want to print a copy.  Site visitors may use our feedback form to request a printed copy of the document which will be mailed.
  • Due to the complexities of official documents many pdf files exceed the recommended maximum size of 300kb.   Site visitors may use our feedback form and request a printed copy of the document which will be mailed.
  • Pdf files are not made available in a compressed file format.
  • PDF files supplied by a third party and not authored by NZDF will not be converted to HTML.
  • Future PDF files will follow the Acrobat Accessibility Guidelines.

If you would like to contact us for further information please use our contact form.

This page was last reviewed on 5 March 2019.