Whenuapai Designation

This webpage provides information on the Defence Designation for the protection of the aircraft approach and departure paths associated with the runways at Whenuapai Airfield, included in the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan.


Whenuapai Air Field
Whenuapai Airfield

For those properties in what used to be Waitakere City and North Shore City, this designation is not new and merely updates what is in the existing district plans to reflect current Civil Aviation Authority requirements.  For those properties in what used to be Rodney District, the designation is new.

Auckland Council has notified all owners and occupiers of properties subject to the designation, regardless of whether the designation has an effect on you or not.  This webpage has been designed to provide you with information so that you can decide for yourself if you are affected by the changes to the designation or not. 

On this page you will find links to:

  • the wording of the restrictions on properties under the designation and an explanation of the ‘obstacle limitation surfaces’ that are the basis of the designation. 
  • aerial photos showing the extent of the ‘obstacle limitation surfaces’. 
  • cross-section diagrams showing the height of the ‘obstacle limitation surfaces’ above the ground.
  • drawings of the extent of the designation.
  • a ‘plain English’ explanation of the designation, the modifications to it as compared to the designation contained in the existing district plans, and a planning assessment of the effect of the modifications on properties.


Making a submission

Information on how to make a submission on this Defence Designation, or any other aspect of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, can be found on Auckland Council’s own website

Should you have any questions after reviewing the information on this webpage, please call 04 587 2021. 



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This page was last reviewed on 22 October 2013.