Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018

On 6 July 2018, the Minister of Defence launched the Government’s Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018.

The Strategic Defence Policy Statement recognises the full scope of value that Defence provides for New Zealand, across the Community, Nation, and World. The Policy Statement also articulates for the first time a set of principles to describe the Government’s expectations for Defence and provide enduring policy guidance, examines developments in the strategic environment, and updates the Defence Force outcomes, principal roles and priorities. These policy settings will inform the forthcoming Defence Capability Plan Review, expected to be complete by the end of 2018.

View more information about the Strategic Defence Policy Statement on the Ministry of Defence website.

Climate Change Defence Assessment

The impacts of climate change are being felt acutely in the Pacific as well as in New Zealand itself. 

Climate change will be one of the greatest security challenges for New Zealand and the world in the coming decades.  The impacts of climate change will continue to test the security and resilience of our community, our nation, the South Pacific region and the world. 

This Defence Assessment explores the links between climate change and security, and how climate change will be a driver for future Defence Force operations, particularly in New Zealand’s neighbourhood.  It identifies actions Defence can take as part of a broader New Zealand Government work programme on climate change and sustainability, and underscores the importance of continuing to work with and learn from our Pacific partners in understanding and responding to the intensifying impacts of climate change.

The assessment has been produced by the Ministry of Defence in close consultation with the New Zealand Defence Force, and draws on input from other government departments, foreign partners, as well as academics working on climate change issues.



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