New Zealand Defence Doctrine

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – NZ Defence Policy and Military Doctrine
  • Chapter 2 – Levels of Military Operations
  • Chapter 3 – The Context of Military Operations
  • Chapter 4 – NZ Defence Force Operational Tenets
  • Chapter 5 – Components of Fighting Power
  • Chapter 6 – The Broader Utility of Fighting Power
  • Chapter 7 – Generating Warfighting Capacity
  • Glossary


The development of sound military doctrine is as much to do with challenging received wisdom as it is with codifying established practice.  Those in command, at whatever level, have to rely on their judgement and apply as much of what they have learnt as appropriate, departing from the established route when the circumstances demand it.

The NZDF positively encourages judicious and innovative departure from doctrine when it is a considered departure from established doctrine by educated practitioners.  New military doctrine is inherently flexible, allowing commanders to seize the initiative and adopt unorthodox or imaginative courses of action as the opportunities arise.

Doctrine also embraces the organisational culture of the NZDF. In the NZDF, the culture is undergoing a paradigm shift from three discrete single Services to a jointly focused Defence Force; "three Services, one Force". The operational focus in the NZDF is towards integrated joint operations with synchronised joint effects. This cultural change realises the collective strength of a joint approach, whilst retaining the strength of the diversity of the three Services.

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Fleet exercises and manoeuvres in Cook Strait as part of the Navy 70th Anniversary celebrations

Fleet exercises and manoeuvres in Cook Strait as part of the Navy 70th Anniversary celebrations [20110928-PH-T1015674-0048]

A LAV on patrol on Ex Silver Warrior

A LAV on patrol during an Exercise [OH 05-0629-05]

An Air Force NH90

An Air Force NH90 helicopter [20110628-OH-N1015025-0091]

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