Future35 - Our Strategy to 2035

NZDF have developed the framework of a five year plan (short and near term), 10 year plan (mid term), and 25 year plan (long term) to implement the strategic change needed within the Defence Force to overcome future challenges.

F35 means

  • 2015

    The Joint Amphibious Taskforce (JATF) will have been developed with individual force elements proficient in working with other nations' amphibious elements.

  • 2020

    The Defence Force will have enhanced its land combat capability through the Network Enabled Army Programme, mobility projects and weapons upgrades. Maritime capability will be enhanced through frigate systems upgrades and enhanced littoral warfare support capabilities.

  • 2035

    By 2035 we will be operating new amphibious, air transport and surveillance, and improved C4ISR capabilities. We will have a generational change in our Total Defence Workforce approach and its focus on integration.


Future35 - Our Strategy to 2035 [pdf | 4.5mb | 14 pages]

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