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New Zealand Defence Force Statement of Intent

New Zealand Defence Force Annual Report

As we look to the future, we can learn from, and apply, the lessons from our recent past. The Defence Force team is an increasingly joint and flexible organisation responding to rapid changes in the international setting. The challenges it has faced include the high operational tempo, the fiscal limitations of a small economy and the increasing difficulty in attracting and retaining personnel in a competitive employment market. The challenges to New Zealand’s security interests continue to develop, and the NZDF continues to evolve to meet the challenges of today and those expected in the future. The Annual Report outlines our progress over the past year and we look forward to the challenges ahead.

BASS Report

Appropriations by Vote - Vote Veterans Affairs

Appropriations by Vote - Vote Defence Force 

Departmental Forecast Report

This forecast report provides:

  • a summary of the strategic planning framework showing the links between the Government's Key Goals and Defence Policy Objectives and the Key Priorities and Outputs of the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF);
  • a summary of NZDGF Outputs;
  • the NZDF Key Priorities for 2003/2004;
  • a financial overview for 2003/2004; and
  • information on Veterans' Affairs New Zealand (VANZ) - as applicable to the NZDF.

This forecast report also provides additional information on the organisation of the NZDF, personnel statistics, and performance measurement in the NZDF.

Long Term Development Plan

First released on 11 June 2002, and updated in June 2003, November 2004 and October 2006, the Long-Term Development Plan (LTDP) is a planning tool to enable decisions on defence acquisitions to be taken in the context of the Government’s defence policy, the priority of projects and affordability. The LTDP links the Government’s defence policy objectives, which were set out in the Defence Policy Framework released in June 2000, with the capability requirements announced in the Defence Statement of 8 May 2001. This LTDP contains a comprehensive list of projects, with preliminary costing, timings, and priorities. The LTDP has a rolling forward focus over 10 years and was constructed as an active document, to be updated regularly.

Defence Capability Plan

The Defence Capability Plan is designed to give shape to the first ten years of capability development under the policy framework provided by the Defence White Paper 2010. The Plan will therefore be the primary guide for NZDF capability development out to 2020.

Output Plan

Foundations of New Zealand Military Doctrine NZDDP-D 2008

The New Zealand Defence Force has a unique culture that is underpinned by shared values of loyalty, integrity, professionalism, and commitment. These cultural values are the tenets from which the New Zealand Defence force builds an organisation that is united, professionally trained, competent, appropriately equipped and capable of servicing the interests of New Zealand, confronting the security challenges of the future, and meeting the requirements of the New Zealand Government. This culture provides the foundation for New Zealand's unique approach to the conduct of military operations.

Briefing to the Incoming Minister


Public Releases


Public Release Morris Report
Ministerial review into allegations of abuse at the Waiouru Regular Force Cadet School from 1948 to 1001. And events surrounding the killing of Cadet Grant Bain in 1981.
This document is a copy of the report presented to the Minister of Defence by the Hon David Morris following his independent review of matters related to the alleged abuse at the Regular Force Cadet School and the circumstances surrounding the death of Cadet Grant Bain.
The names of individuals have been removed from the report to protect the privacy of those who came forward to give evidence to the Hon Mr Morris during the course of the review.
Audit of NZDF Policies relating to Abuse
NZDF Policies and Practices Relating to Physical, Sexual, and Other Abuses. 10 June 2005. ISBN 0-478-27826-8.
This review examined New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) policies and practices to prevent and manage physical and sexual assaults and other forms of abuse.
The review followed a Cabinet decision 1 ‘… that an administrative review would be undertaken to examine the efficacy of current policies and practices of the NZDF to prevent physical, sexual and other abuse.’


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