Public Information

New Zealand Defence Force is accountable to the public of New Zealand for the spending necessary to maintain a world class force of service men and women across the three armed services of Navy, Army and Air Force.

Information about the achievements and ongoing work of the New Zealand Defence Force is contained in statutory documents that include the Annual Report to Parliament.

This section provides access to annual reports, forecasts and other legislative documents.

§ NZDF Benchmarking Administrative and Support Services (BASS) Report 2014/2015 [xls | 1.1mb]

§ Briefing for the Incoming Minister

§ Defence Capability Plan

§ Defence Expenditure: Budget Documents

§ Strategic Defence Policy Statement

§  Strategic Defence Policy Statement 2018 [pdf | 2.39mb | 40 pages] 

§ Executive Overview of the Defence Force [pdf | 4.8 MB | 28 pages]

§ External Health and Safety Review

§ Strategy25 - Integrated Defence Force

§ Maximising opportunities for Military Women in the NZDF – MoD Report [pdf | 5.2mb | 66 pages]

§ New Zealand Defence Doctrine

§ New Zealand Defence Estate Regeneration 2016-2030 [pdf | 5.4 MB |  40 pages]

§ New Zealand's National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security[link to report on site] 

§ NZDF Annual Report

§ PFAS Environmental Testing

§ Public Advisory: Potential Radiation Exposure at McMurdo Station

§ Regulatory Impact Statement - Armed Forces Law Reform Bill

§ Statement of Intent

§ Transparency and accountability in modern military operations

§ Law of Armed Conflict (DM69)


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