The New Zealand Defence Force is an active recruiter of people from all walks of life into our armed forces. Recruitment and careers information is available by viewing our Defence Careers website.

Royal New Zealand Navy

The Royal New Zealand Navy is responsible for the maritime defence of New Zealand and its interests, and operates ocean-going frigates, Seasprite helicopters and a replenishment ship. It also has a hydrographic and oceanographic research ship, a diving team, and has the capability to patrol in inshore and offshore waters.

New Zealand Army

The New Zealand Army provides a land combat force consisting of infantry, light armoured vehicles, and reconnaissance, artillery, engineering, signals and logistic units.

Royal New Zealand Air Force

The Royal New Zealand Air Force provides maritime surveillance and reconnaissance using the Orion, Hercules and Boeing aircraft to provide long range and tactical airtransport and Iroquois helicopters which support ground forces and civil authorities.

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